Soft Organizer is an excellent and simple program installation and removal helper for Microsoft Windows XP - 8.1 operating systems. Users can install programs with tracking that allows them to find all the places in the system where the installed program registered itself. This information is used to remove the program completely along with all its traces that often stay in the system after conventional uninstalling via the Control Panel.
Soft Organizer is also equipped with a special mechanism to locate program traces even for programs that were installed without tracking. It provides complete removal capability for virtually any application installed in the system and thus prevents Windows from becoming cluttered by unnecessary files.
For other programs, Soft Organizer checks if newer versions are available and identifies them by highlighting the programs with a special symbol in the list of installed applications. Timely updates are a pledge of safety and are required to avoid many problems, as not only do new versions of programs offer new functions, but bug fixes and stability updates as well.

Seeking of traces (remainders) of uninstalled programs (based on the Full Uninstall technology). Allows removing traces of programs that were not reliably tracked while installing.
Installing programs and tracking of changes made to the system and subsequent removal of tracked elements (based on the Full Uninstall technology).
Removal of several programs simultaneously.
“Silent” installation of applications (for those installation packages that do permit it) allows installing programs automatically - no questions asked.
Automatically creates system restore points before application residues are deleted.
Exporting of the list of installed applications to an HTML file (to send to technical support, for example).
Checking for new version of installed programs allows keeping installed applications up to date, avoiding glitches and problems caused by outdated applications.
Sorting and grouping of installed programs in various categories (installation date, tracking status, title, and others) makes finding a particular app in the list easier.
The instant search of programs allows you to locate the desired application almost instantly, as long as you know its name.
The tracking agent monitors program installers and automatically initiates installation tracking without launching Soft Organizer manually.
Checks for the availability of the description of the installed programs to get exhaustive information about them.
The built-in automatic update function allows obtaining the latest version of Soft Organizer with one click.

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