JuceVLC is VLC media player with a simple MediaCenter-like fullscreen User Interface.
Browse and watch movies from your couch with a wireless mouse.
* Browse files and adjust settings using On Screen Display (O.S.D.).
* Big, customizable fonts size and no tiny popup dialogs.
* Subtitles selection and synchronization using slider via O.S.D.
* Keep last and favorite video folders, as well as the last thirty videos positions.
* Does not mess up your system: settings are stored in the application folder, not the registry (even through the installer).
* Portable: Paste it on any USB stick or external hard drive.
* You can use the installer multiple times: once for your computer, activating shortcut creation, and again for your USB stick or external hard drive.
Since it does not store anything in the registry subsequent installs won't affect the previous ones (except shortcut creation).
* JuceVLC application uses regular VLC core libraries/plugins: You can paste future VLC versions directory along JuceVLC to update the core video player without any JuceVLC update.
* The "space-key" allows your relatives to play/pause your video if they want to interrupt your watching session.

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