Movavi Video Editor 9 is an easiest program for making stunning videos, that consists all the video editing software tools you need in one great product. It allows you to join, crop, split, remove scenes, enhance video quality. Using Movavi Video Editor you can import media from differentsources, capture video from DV/HDV/AVCHD cameras, VHS, TV, apply filters, special effects and transitions, add soundtracks and titles.

Fast video splitting with no re-encoding

  • Crop, split, and join videos faster than ever. Perform multiple splitting without recompressing or even the slightest quality loss.
  • Drag parts of a video along the timeline to order them the way you like.
  • Manage and preview all the split scenes separately on a special board. Define the length to within a thousandth of a second.
  • Not sure what parts of your footage to keep and what to trash? Add or remove parts of your video by holding down the Like or Dislike button during the real-time playback.
  • Split your movie into multiple parts without pausing the video.
  • Join different segments in seconds: select the parts you want to combine and click the Merge button.

New Special Effects

  • 10 new spectacular effects:
    Camera Shake, Echo Light, Find Edges, Inferno, Matrix, Particles, Stripes, and more. Make your footage look like a video art masterpiece; add some drama by painting your video into the Inferno palette; turn your footage into a scary movie with the Camera Shake effect.

  • Combine multiple fragments in one screen:
    With the new Split Screen effect, you can place two, three, even four different videos on one screen. Show one scene from every possible angle or drive the narration by showing different storylines simultaneously! Create professional-grade clips in just a few minutes.

  • Show every important detail with the Zoom effect
    Use the Zoom effect on a short piece of video to emphasize a detail that might be missed by the viewer in the original footage. Select the screen area you want to focus in on and crop the video using this frame. Apply Zoom-In or Zoom-Out to the entire movie for smooth magnification or to reduce your view of the image.

  • More Effects packages to come
    In the future, we’ll be bringing you additional packages of special effects you can use in Movavi Video Editor. Watch out for dozens of new featured styles coming soon!

All the existing features of Video Editor remain:

  • Multi-track timeline for movies and the simplified StoryBoard mode for slideshows
  • Dozens of special effects: Chroma Key, Old Movie, Add Noise, and more.
  • Filters for quality improvement: White Balance, Auto Contrast, and more
  • Animated titles with customizable fonts, color of the text, position, animation style, and other parameters
  • Animated transitions between scenes
  • Sound recording, video capture from cameras, webcam, VCR players, TV-tuner
  • Multiple exporting options: save as video file, save as 3D video, share online, or burn to DVD.

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