WinReducer can be used by all users who run Windows 8.1 on their computers and who are looking to modify the ISO of another Windows 8.1.Users will be able to remove default Windows features, modify other ones, while also adjust the appearance of the OS.Tech-savvy users might often choose to customize various functions of the operating system they are running on their computer, yet they could save time if they could create a personalized installer where the aforementioned functions would already be modified. And this is where WInReducer 8.1 comes in handy.
The application can be used solely on PCs running Windows 8.1 and it can only customize Windows 8.1 ISOs. If you want to try it on Windows 8, you can download WinReducer 8.
Before you can start tweaking any settings of your OS, you need to install several third-party apps that are essential for the functioning of WinReducer 8.1, namely 7-zip, ImageX, oscdimg, SetACL and Resource Hacker.
Once you downloaded and install the required tools, you will need to complete the configuration step of the app, and only afterwards can you access the main window of WinReducer 8.1.
You will be able to specify the OS edition you want to extract from your source ISO, then select the features you want to remove from the target operating system. It needs to be emphasized that this operation needs to be completed only by experienced users, lest the output ISO will be unusable due to the numerous removed functions (either way, it is best to test it in a virtualized environment first, before installing on your real PC).
WinReducer 8.1 enables you to protect important files and sections of the OS, such as those related to ModernUI, Activation GUI or Windows Search. You can add custom entries to the desktop context menu so you can easily restart, shutdown or hibernate your PC.
In addition to the functionality tweaks, you can also apply some changes to the images displayed during boot, along with the ones used as lockscreen, picture password or wallpaper. You can even select the colors that will be used within the Modern UI of Windows 8.1
All in all, if used wisely, WinReducer 8.1 can help users reduce the size of their ISO, while also making sure the operating system’s features will match their necessities.
This is a major update with many enhancements to improve user experience:
  • WinReducer Updates Tool is available with all updates (Dec. 2013) and many links for Drivers (in partnarship with "station-drivers") and Software to help you find many free replacement to all Windows components or drivers you want to replace !
  • Many new Components (especially Tweaks).
  • An Option to clear your WinReducer Settings in case you want to load or recreate your settings which could be saved in wccf preset file.
  • 2 new "Optimizations - EXPERT" (reserved to experienced users) to completely clean the WinSxS folder, with just keep only necessary folders or files. Read the Help Tips to help you understand all the possible troubles.
  • Many WCCF Presets are available in the forum (they will be integrated in the Final zip package build)
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