Welcome to Bitcoin Aliens, and this simple step by step guide will show you how to make 200,000+ Satoshi right now. Anyone can do it and you can get started right now.

Summary: This guide shows you how to get 5 free Latium Coins (an “Alt Coin – i.e. alternative to bitcoin) just for joining their site and making a Latium wallet. And how to instantly sell them for 50,000 – 200,000 satoshi (depending on market value, or depending on if you hold them as there is a lot of talk right now about Latium, and trading is quite active – we think it’s got a great future and we are holding).

Step 1 – Signup to Latium to receive your 5 free Latium Coin

Go and join, make an account, and ensure to use your real email as you will have to confirm it in a minute.

Step 2 – Download the wallet and let it sync

This will take a few minutes to fully sync and get up to date, but you can do other things in the meantime. Here’s what the wallet download screen looks like:LAT-2-WalletDownloadStep 3  – Find and copy your wallet receive address

Open up the Latium client you just downloaded – you can use it while it continues to sync.
Click on the “Receive Coins” tab along the top to display your wallet address, and you can copy it by clicking on it and pressing “Copy Address” on the bottom.

Step 4 – Go back to the Latium Website and enter your receive address

Go back to the Latium website where you are creating your profile and enter your receive address there – this will ensure that when you have completed the signup process your 5 Latium go to your personal wallet.

LAT-5pastereceiveaddressStep 5 – Verify your account

You account is now setup and you just need to go to your email and verify it.

Step 6 – Request Payment

For this step you need to ensure your latium downloaded wallet is fully synced with the network – you will see the progress on the home-screen. Once it is, within the latium website navigate to Reports > Payouts to me.
And then in this screen select “Request Payout” (I just have in this picture, the button is then replaced by green text saying “Your payment request was sent“.
* This is usually sent the same day, but depending on when you request it might be the next day until it is processed and you receive it to your Latium wallet.. don’t panic, just wait :)

Step 7 – Join Coin-Swap

One you have your Latium in your wallet you can join Coin-Swap (it’s a free exchange for selling and trading Alt coins); where you can sell it.

Step 8 – Send your Latium to Coin-Swap

Inside Coin-Swap, navigate to “Balances” and go down to the (LAT) Latium listing. click on “Request Address” and send your Latium coins to this Coin-Swap address using your Latium desktop wallet software:
Your transaction will need to get 10 confirmations before it will show up in your coin-swap account (this can take 10 – 15 minutes).

Step 9 – Sell your Latium for bitcoin :)

When you receive your Latium into your Coin-Swap account, navigate to “Markets” and click on LAT/BTC, then scroll down to “Sell LAT”, fill out & submit the sell order for your 5Lat.
Your coins will sell instantly and you will see in your “Balances” column you have btc now instead. You can then transfer this back to your normal Coinbase or Bitalo wallet, or whatever wallet service you usually use by going to “Balances” and click “Withdraw” by your bitcoin balance. Then enter your normal bitcoin address and click submit.

$$$ Extra Steps to Make Even MORE! $$$

1. Refer your friends

Your first 5 Latium could be just the tip of the iceberg – the real beauty in this coin lies in it’s referral program.
Latium isn’t “mined” like bitcoin – it is created by new members.. so when you join, your 5 Latium is created.. BUT you can refer your friends and when you do you also get 5 Latium extra for each referral!
And it doesnt stop there – the Latium referral network goes 100 tiers deep, so you earn even more Latium on your friends referrals, and their referrals, and their referrals, referrals and so on down to 100! Here is the completely referral tier and payout:
And if you want to take it really seriously then you can share your link on bitcoin and altcoin blogs and forums

2. DON’T SELL… Hold your Latium until it is more valuable

Now we don’t know the future but we think the coin has a lot of potential – there are 1000s of people joining Latium every day there is a lot of advertising for it, and it is actively being traded. Today it was the most traded coin at Coin Swap:

The price has varied between 10,000 satoshi per coin, and 40,000 satoshi recently, and simply put; 1. the more people who get involved in the coin 2. the more people who trade it, and 3. the bigger the ratio is of people who are holding the coin to those who are selling it – will push the value of the coin UP – and all three of these factors seem to be the case.
If you take this advice then we hold no responsibility, it is your risk to take, but I am quite positive and I am holding mine anyway :)